27 March 2011

Stockholm Street Art Tours

Stockholm Street Art Tours 2007

Our guide is Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, an editor who has worked on several books on Scandinavian street art.

Because street art in Stockholm tends not to last too long, it’s in the dark caverns of the city, under bridges and underground stations, that walls become the artists’ galleries. Some, such as Hop Louie, known for his overtly political stencils, Klister Peter and Akay have built up reputations and followings.


Communications consultant Benke Carlsson recently published a book entitled “Street Art Stockholm”. He became interested as an observer rather than a participant, and sees his book more as a view from the outside. “Many people’s first reaction to street art is that it’s vandalism, but I feel that we need to have something more than advertisements decorating our streets,” he says. “Street culture is a means of expression and doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty. It’s about who has the right to public space.”

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Stockholm City Museum is apparently no longer running these tours.




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