01 May 2011

Armsrock - Denmark

Armrock restates the qualities of artistic drawings and transfers them into urban contexts. Known for his life-sized drawings of humans at the edges of societies, he glues or projects his drawings onto buildings and walls in city environments. As observations and statements they become ephemeral part of public space and community.






this video is from an earlier post on Armsrock in 2009

a brand-new video directly from Armsrock's studio in Bremen Germany, as he prepares for his upcoming shows this month at the Black Rat Press Gallery in London and Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn. This is part 1 of 2.

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Fari said...

lovely thanks!Just reading more about his work now...what do you know about Kareem Lofty? there is a sound artist from Egypt and a fine artist too, are they one and the same?