03 August 2006

LASER 3.14 - interview


“I know all empty spots in Amsterdam to paint on”

Text: Natascha van Aalst
Photo: Sandder Lanen

There’s at least one person that is not bothered by Amsterdam being one big ‘bouwput.’ The empty building sites are the perfect canvas for the ‘semi-illegal’ artwork of painter, graphic designer and street poet Laser 3.14. “The street decides whether or not my work is good.”

If you’ve missed his poetic philosophical texts that show up everywhere in Amsterdam, you’ve got your eyes in your pockets. The man behind the street-smart poetry is Laser 3.14, a 32-year-old artist, named after the mathematical ‘pi’ that he derived from ‘public image ltd.,’ a rock band formed by Johnny Rotten after the Sex Pistols broke up. Laser is one of the city’s most productive artists and he’s letting everyone know about it.
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