04 March 2007

ArtOlive Offline exhibition

Douwe Dijkstra




For a number of years now ArtOlive has been presenting the Kunstbeeld ArtOlive Award to the best Dutch art school graduate. The award is a great way for any young artist to start off his or her career.

Because this year the award will be handed out for the fifth time in a row, ArtOlive is taking some time to reminisce with the ArtOlive Offline exhibition.

Every two months a number of different artists from the past five years will be asked to show their work once more at the Westergasfabriekterrein.

This month’s artists include Erica Scheper (ArtEz HKA Arnhem, 2005, zie foto), Marin de Jong (Willem de Kooning Rotterdam, 2006), and Douwe Dijkstra (Artez CABK Zwolle, 2005). The latter is doing particularly well, winning awards and prizes left and right for his (animated) videos.


Til April 29

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