22 March 2007

The Borrowers

Mary Norton was born in London in 1903, and brought up in Bedfordshire, which was the setting for The Borrowers. In 1941 she was given a war job in America, and worked for two years for the British Purchasing Commission in New York. It was during this time that she began to write. After the war, she moved back to England with her family and continued writing and acting. Mary Norton died in 1992.

1. The Borrowers (1952)
2. The Borrowers Afield (1955)
3. The Borrowers Afloat (1959)
4. The Borrowers Aloft (1961)
5. Poor Stainless (1966)
6. The Borrowers Avenged (1982)

A race of tiny people who live beneath the floor of a proper human kitchen make friends with a young boy, and begin to learn about the world above their heads, from which they have borrowed the furniture and tools.

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