22 March 2007

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Getting Started with Video Podcasts

Video iPods have turned out to be a huge hit. But if you are like most owners, you will quickly tire of spending $2.00 at the iTunes store every time you want to watch something new.

Fortunately, video podcasts provide a way to automatically get new videos downloaded to your computer or portable media player.

Use Handbrake to Rip DVDs for iPod Videos

Handbrake is a free, open-source application that you can use to convert your media to use on video iPods.

Producing a Podcast with the Gear You Own Today

In this exclusive excerpt from the book, Podcasting: The Do It Yourself Guide, author Todd Cochrane explains how you can get started with podcasting using your computer and gear that you probably already own.

Making a Podcast with Blogger and FeedBurner

Blogger is a free blogging service that can be used to create podcasts. Getting started is as easy as filling out some forms on the web.

Podcast Imaging: The Sign On Your Front Door

One way to dramatically improve the interest in your podcast is to include audio imaging. Simply put, audio imaging is the fancy sign that hangs out in front of your business.

Saving MP3 Files For Podcasts

The de facto standard format for podcasts is MP3. This article discusses how to save audio files as MP3 files.

Magnatune Embraces Podcasting

Magnatune has emerged as a leading open music record label. We asked Magnatune founder John Buckman about his thoughts on podcasting and using tracks by his label's artists in podcasts.

Podcasters Respond to $28 Million Radio Industry Ad Blitz

The National Association of Broadcasters has launched the largest radio promotional campaign ever, marketing radio as the primary source for news, music and compelling audio entertainment. This marketing campaign will be hard to avoid on traditional radio.

One place you're not likely to hear it, though, is in the world of podcasting. We asked several leading podcasters about the campaign, their thoughts on the state of traditional broadcasting, and why some listeners are looking for an alternative.

Get Started with Podcasts in 3 Steps

A tutorial about getting started with podcasts using the free iPodder client.

What is Podcasting?

A brief introduction to podcasting.


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