08 April 2007

DEAF07 programs

Upcoming live streams

Are you interested in one or more DEAF07 programs, but unable to make it to Rotterdam at that specific time? Many DEAF07 events will be broadcast live via the internet, with RealVideo streams.

The following events will be streamed:



Global Bending Conferences


logo_real.gifThese live streams can be viewed with the free RealPlayer, which can be downloaded from www.real.com.

The streams will also be archived. When the above programs have ended, the streams will remain available for viewing on demand.



A large international exhibition shows an intriguing overview of contemporary interactive arts. From cutting edge and experimental technological art to almost classical video art. With works from Europe, the United States, Canada, China and Japan, and also some specially commissioned works. The exhibition opens with a performance of Code31 on the 10th of April and runs on till 29th of April.
The exhibition is closed on mondays and on wednesday 18 April.

Unless stated otherwise, all works are exhibited in Las Palmas/LPII

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