14 April 2007

MUTLIPLACE #6 // Network Culture Festival

Brno, Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Kielce (Poland), Cluj (Romania), Bratislava, Kosice, Trnava, Zilina (Slovak Republic), Providence (Rhode Island, USA) and Internet

April 13 – April 22, 2007

MULTIPLACE is a distributed network of people and independent organizations dealing with the interactions between media, technology, arts, culture and society. Activities of this network culminate this year in the 6th annual festival that takes place between April 13 and 22, 2007, in 10 cities and 6 countries simultaneously.

Around 70 different projects are being organized around the framework of the festival – workshops, installations, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, presentations, screenings, streaming or parties, and also live streaming from different locations through the internet.

This year's new definition, Network Culture Festival replaces the focus on "new media culture" in order to more accurately define the festival's emphasis on networking collaborations and related inspiring possibilities. Since the festival is an open structure, there in no exact number of events and thanks to the "floating" part of the program called "Jump Into the Network", it is open to your participation.

Jump into the Network is an interactive part of the program. You can join, via the Internet, a series of psycho-geographical games created by the Romanian association AltArt, take part of one of the workshops, bring your old computer to be recycled, or offer your talkative parrot for Internet discussion. In both Bratislava (SK) and Brno (CZ), there are also platforms for the realization of your own projects.

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