14 April 2007

pain - berlin

The exhibition PAIN feels the various representations and expressions of the pain after: Mourning in a modern Kreuzigungsgemaelde, the preparation of a charge hand, a video installation, flickering electrical impulses of a nerve cell, a cry. The community pin end function of the pain takes it thereby exactly the same into the view like the attempts to observe it to analyze to search or again loose-will. It shows that pain can be always both: subjectively and objectively, creatively and destructively.

The two places of issue, that Hamburg station – Museum of the present and citizens of Berlin the medicine-historical museum of the Charité, are program and challenge at the same time. With combinations and confrontations of artistic work, medical, volkskundlichen, religious and everyday objects the exhibition goes on a border course between science and art. PAIN understands itself as experimentation field for new visual and contentwise impulses from the different picture and thing worlds and places traditionally against both museums attached expectations and Sehgewohnheiten to the arrangement.

The exhibition is divided into four emphasis. During in „Ansichten of the Schmerzes“ the pain of the other one and handling it in the center stand, are in the „Reiz of the Schmerzes“ the own body as experience instance and realization instrument the ambivalente Protagonist. „Die time of the Schmerzes“ demonstrates, as our conception of pain changed over the centuries, in addition, as very the pain becomes the life rhythmisiert and the sense carrier. The „Ausdruck of the Schmerzes“ finally concentrates on the tension of the mental and physical expression of pain: in words, sculptures, music and preparations.

To the exhibition appears a Begleitband with illustrations of the issued works of art and objects as well as with approximately 20 Essais, which light up the pain from medically and more daily, more philosophical and more religiously as well as science and art-historical perspective.

Under others works are shown by the following artists: Marina Abramovic, Francis Bacon, Joseph Beuys, Louise Bourgeois, Nathalie Djurberg, Hans Baldung Grien, Bruce Nauman, Mathilde of ter Heijne, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Bill Viola, SAM Taylor Wood.

An exhibition of the national gallery in Hamburg station - museum for present - Berlin
and citizens of Berlin the medicine-historical museum of the Charité
in co-operation with practice for exhibitions and theory.
Promoted of the donation German Klassenlotterie Berlin and the HauptstadtkulturfonDS.

www.hamburgerbahnhof.de · www-MT-MUSEUM/MT/PRESS · www.bmm.charite.de


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