20 February 2008

An A-Z of Australian Graffiti


"This illustrated A-Z combines beautiful colour images from Australia's thriving graffiti and street art culture, interviews with some of Australia's most important graffiti and street artists, analysis of the history and evolution of the scene and discussion of urban planning, community and freedom of speech raised by graffiti's presence in public space.

Chris Dew is a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies and an Australian Research Council Associate in the History Program at La Trobe University in Melbourne. She is also a photographer interested in landscape, memory and place. Her photographs have been exhibited in Melbourne's Counihan Gallery and in many print publications. She advises local government and community organisations on graffiti-related matters."


This is an introductory text on graffiti written by an academic specialising in gender studies. Its exactly what you would expect for an introductory text written by an academic specialising in gender studies. Its neither an academic text nor an enthusiast's picture book.

It provides an album of glossy colour photos similar to any graffiti Flickr account and a series of artist's profiles. Its primary appeal lies in matching names to artworks for those unfamiliar with the Australian graffiti scene.

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