03 February 2008

Sonic Acts XII

Sonic Acts XII – The Cinematic Experience
21–24 February 2008 Amsterdam
Paradiso, De Balie, Netherlands Media Arts Institute, Melkweg.

With: Asher, François Bayle, BJNilsen, Bobby&Blumm, Michel Chion, Cluster, Boris Debackere, D-Fuse, Timothy Druckrey, Christian Fennesz, Hildur Gudnadottir, Mike Harding, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Pierre Henry, Kurt Hentschläger, Gerard Holthuis, Erkki Huhtamo, Ken Jacobs, Douglas Kahn, Kenneth Kirschner, Frank Kooi, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Pe Lang, Ulf Langheinrich, Leafcutter John, Leerraum, Rose Lowder, Diego Losa, Julien Maire, Ivo Malec, Bruce McClure, Arjen Mulder, Marnix de Nijs, Joachim Nordwall, Stephen O'Malley, Otolab, Bernard Parmegiani, Pita, Pomassl & Nikita Tsymbal, Mahmoud Refat, Joost Rekveld, Pierre Schaeffer, Schlammpeitziger, Jeffrey Shaw, Signal (Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider & Olaf Bender), Mika Taanila, Daniel Teruggi, TeZ, Kasper Toeplitz, Mika Vainio, C.Spencer Yeh, Christian Zanési, Zimoun

Sonic Acts XII will be held between 21 and 24 February 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The 12th edition is devoted to The Cinematic Experience and incorporates an international conference, a wide range of concerts and performances, an exhibition and a diverse programme of films.

The programme will focus on the rich history of the cinematic experience, from magic lanterns, colour organs and zootropes to experience machines and immersive environments. Sonic Acts will also peer into the future. Will cinema distance itself from narrative in the near future? What is the prospect for celluloid? And what role will sensory deprivation play in future cinema?

The three-day conference will provide a comprehensive overview of the cinematic experience. International experts from the fields of film, visual arts, music, science, literature and art history will reflect on historic developments, the current situation and near-future developments, from the perspective of their respective specialities. Speakers include Jeffrey Shaw, Douglas Kahn, Arjen Mulder, Timothy Druckrey and Ken Jacobs.

Live performances
The performance programme features a homage to The Drone as a way to challenge time; a wide range of cinematic performances featuring old and new heroes of the audiovisual avant-garde; and a series of cinematic sound works and performances designed for the Acousmonium.
With: Stephen O'Malley, Mika Vainio, Fennesz, Signal, Ulf Langheinrich, D-Fuse, Cluster, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Pomassl and many others.

Film Programme
The film programme highlights essential building blocks of cinema with programmes such as Absolute Frame, Absolute Time and Absolute Sound, and Artist in Focus programmes presenting Ken Jacobs, Rose Lowder, and Mika Taanila. The programme Future Cinema will explore the developments cinema might undergo in the future. With films from: Mika Taanila, Peter Tscherkassky, Stan Brakhage, Jose Antonio Sistiaga, Tony Conrad, Gerard Holthuis, Pierre Hebert and many others.

The exhibition will be held from 21 February until 22 March 2008 at Netherlands Media Arts Institute (NMAI) and Melkweg Mediaroom. It will present works that create various forms of cinematic experience, ranging from music to visual art, installations and media arts. Featured artists include: Julien Maire, Ulf Langheinrich, Boris Debackere, Leerraum [ ] and Kurt Hentschläger.

Conference & Festival Passepartout: 50 euro / 40 euro*
Festival Passepartout (excl. conference): 35 euro / 30 euro*
Day Ticket (valid for conference & live performances): 20 euro / 15 euro*
Single Film Ticket De Balie: 7 euro / 5*
Ticket Opening Evening (21 February 2008): 12,50 euro / 10 euro*
Evening Tickets (22-24 February 2008): 15 euro / 12,50 euro*
Exhibition Ticket NMai: 2,50 euro / 1,50 euro*
(free of charge with any festival ticket for the entire exhibition period.)
The exhibition at Melkweg Mediaroom is accessible free of charge.

*Concessions are available for students (CJP) and 65+.
De Groene Amsterdammer readers’ offer allows for reduced admission available at the box-offices of the venues.

New website now online with complete programme and background information: www.sonicacts.com
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