25 February 2008

Education and the Future of The Virtual Web

de balie
wed 27 February

Scientists, Educators, Web Specialists, 3D Designers. Technicians, Artists and others get together for demonstrations, lectures and discussions about education and the future of 'The Virtual Web'.



For a list of participants, a programme schedule and more detailed info see de website eduverse.org

This symposium is broadcast live on the internet: www.debalie.nl/live and live on videoscreens at various sim locations in Second Life (locations to be announced soon)
One replay is broadcast on the livestreams, immediately after the symposium has ended (at around 22:00 C.E.T.)

Video-on-demand coming up a few days after the event at

(More detailed information coming up!)

| 15:00 - 22:00 C.E.T.
(With breaks. Drinks and food will not be provided but are available a la carte De Balie Restaurant and Café)

Language | English

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