26 March 2009

Bron (source) - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 5 March 2009 The American Book Center (ABC) presents with the exhibition BRON (SOURCE), which poses the question of what is and isn’t art. Four artists will present their work: Repromasters®, Harald Seiwert, Tia Ryan and Laser 3.14.

The opening vindt plaats op 5 April van 4PM – 6PM in the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam.

Exhibition Background The question of what is and isn’t art has been argued in universities and cafes for hundreds of years. As far back as the classical age of Greece, one playwright would judge another’s work mere propaganda, while offering his own up as a fine example of artistic expression. Today, the boundaries are even less clear, with advances in technology creating new areas for expression and argument. Can the copy of an original be considered art in its own right? Is the person using technology in the creation of that copy an artist or an artisan? How much inspiration may an artist take from an original, and still call his/her own work an original? Is graffiti an art-form or only vandalism?

Participating Artists

Repromasters® It took Repromasters years of research into photography, software training, color corrections, and the testing of different types of painter’s linen to make official (Van Gogh Museum) approved replicas of Van Gogh's paintings. Museums all over the world trust Repromasters’ professional skills. Repromasters brings the work of the master’s hand into the replica. His melancholy, his passion, even his fury. The replica becomes the art itself and is very affordable for collection. Become friends with Van Gogh and become the owner of a life size replica of a Van Gogh painting by Repromasters. Some of the works featured in Bron will be Sunflowers, Irises, Almond Blossom and the The Bedroom. www.repromasters.com

Harald Seiwert The "Inspired" series from Harald Seiwert confronts the visitor with new interpretations of classic and iconic images. Often using male models to recreate female icons, his work is confrontational, and asks us to rethink our traditional way of looking at these works. www.seiwert.nl

Tia Ryan Ryan's photographic portraiture seeks to bridge the gap between familiar iconography and the social reality of living in a multi-ethnic culture. By appropriating obvious poses/pictures, Ryan has seeks not only to make such ambiguity essential and relevant to herself, but also essential to the conversation of sexuality and power in contemporary art.

Laser 3.14 Nowhere is the argument about what is and isn’t art hotter than on the streets of our cities. Indeed the old-school and new-school graffiti artists are themselves working to redefine their art, not waiting for society’s judgement. On the leading edge of this debate, the reclusive Laser 3.14 juxtaposes his poetic musings against the backdrop of the least beautiful aspects of our cities: building sites, rubbish bins and temporary offices. His work demands that we rethink our preconceived notions about graffiti – or ‘Street Art’, as work such as Laser’s has come to be called – and reconsider its place on our buildings and in our galleries. www.laser314.com

The ABC Treehouse is the cultural center of The American Book Center, one of the largest sources of American and English books in Europe. The ABC Treehouse presents artistic, literary, and political projects which nurture dialogue and cooperation within the Dutch and multicultural community. www.treehouse.abc.nl

Agenda BRON (SOURCE) Opening: 5 5pril, 4PM The exhibition continues through 31 May 2009 Opening times: 1PM-6PM, Thursday - Sunday

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