08 March 2009

Powderbomb Articles

· How to Minimise the Risk of getting caught (A short, one page article that gives advice to graffiti artists on how to minimise the risk of getting caught.)

· Graffiti - Art or Crime? (This article explores the history of graffiti and brings forward the question of what graffiti really is. Words by Mistery)

· It's time to rub out ugly urban scrawl (Article by Leo Schofield)

· INTERVIEW with Unique (As a breaker, beat maker, emcee and a graffiti writer he has scaled the peaks. The former Def Wish Cast member, is now part of the Celsius duo pushing Australian hip hop to new heights.)

INTERVIEW with Mistery (Mystery is one of the most well known writers in Sydney. He has been involved in the scene for well over a decade and some of his amazing works can be seen all over the city.)

INTERVIEW with Seth KOA (exclusive interview with the old school legend)




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