02 March 2009

Swifty - Melbourne

Project Midas presents The Swifty Show 2009
5-15 March 2009
No Vacancy Gallery,
Red Cape Lane, Melbourne

Through his ID as Swifty Typografix, he has long maintained a global following for his innovative escapades in design.

His small, exclusive runs of silkscreen prints, etchings and aquatints have already attracted fans and buyers both locally and through the Art Car Boot Sale in Brick Lane where he shared a stall
with Scrawl Collective, alongside Sir Peter Blake.

As this is first time he will be exhibiting his work outside the UK, Swifty has done original art specially for this show as well as doing a ‘live’ art piece at the gallery’s opening night. Futhermore, there will limited editions of his iconic prints and other exlusives available at the opening night of the show, so don’t miss it!


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