07 April 2009

Laser 3.14 - Book Launch

Hello everybody,

On Thursday April 23rd 2009 my book Are You Reading Me? will be launched at the American Book Center in Amsterdam, and you’re invited to attend.
King Adz, author of The Urban Cookbook, has written an introduction to my book and he will be present at the launch. The launch is from 19:00 till 21:00, so come and check it out.

The address of the American Book Center is: Spui 12, 1012 XA Amsterdam

Cheers and hope to see you there,

Laser 3.14

For info about the book please visit: www.lebowskipublishers.nl

Check out the new promovideo by Ronald Frederick and Laser 3.14:


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blakkbyrd said...

‘In a world where all urban communication is based on visual
impact it ́s amazing to see art that doesn’t need to be visually
hi-tech to have such influence. It ́s like a counter movement
that doesn’t need any artifacts or bullshit to get a point across.
It makes optimal use of the environment, the streets, the city
and makes them a bit more humanized, melancholic and poetic.
Truly inspiring work’ Vhils

‘Poetry is in the streets!’ Pure eVil

‘New York City graffiti-inspired art first triumphed in the museums
and galleries of Holland’s foremost institutions in the early
1980’s, cultivating a fertile ground for an artistic worldwide
explosion regarding street art. Laser 3.14 diligently works
through this enormous forum, ably constructing a new series
of vital manners of creating art forms both visually and sensually
intellectual. Laser 3.14 is one of Holland’s finest architects of
this era, and we shall watch his creative strides into the next
with maximum interest’ QuiK

‘Laser’s writing has the function of revealing, in terms of pure
art, the secrets of life, its hopes, its joys, its sorrows, its passion;
he takes tagging to a different level’ hush
‘In an age when advertisements plaster every urban surface, it’s
refreshing to spot cryptic aphorisms hand written in public space
giving us something more to ponder than our next purchase’
Martha CooPer

‘In the new generation of Amsterdam street artists one man
stands out for his literary landmarks: Laser 3.14 is bringing
pure poetry back in the streets’ hugo KaagMan

‘I think the only way to “get up” as a writer is NOT to do what
everybody expects from you, but to constantly do whatever
YOU want to do. This allows you to develop a personal style
that makes you unique and makes you stand above the crowd.
Laser 3.14 understands that’ Cat 22

‘Today I found myself quoted on the back of Laser’s book’ Faith71