05 April 2009

Graffiti History @149st

(Nb: This is the history @ new york as written from NY, ed)

Documenting the history of writing is inevitably subjective. Due to the fact that it is an underground movement and the life span of works can be as brief as days, most of history is limited to word-of-mouth accounts. We here @149st have made a modest attempt to encapsulate the history. In addition to witnessing history first hand, we have spoken directly with many participants. We have chosen the medium of the Web over print due to its flexibility. Historical inaccuracy on the web can be addressed in a matter of minutes or hours. The print medium is not so forgiving. Keep in mind that this site is a work in progress and its aim is to build towards the truth.

With respect to the pioneering stage, of particular importance is the book Style: Writing From The Underground By PHASE 2 and David Schmidlapp.

We also recommend Subway Graffiti: An Aesthetic Study of Graffiti on the Subway System of New York City, 1970-1978. By Jack Stewart and the classic for the newer school, Subway Art by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper.

History in text-Part 1
History in text-Part 2
Women in Graffiti
Tags | Throw-ups | Wild style
Writers' tools
Clean Trains
Tunnel Bombing
Yards and Lay-ups
Graffiti Photographers
The Fun Gallery

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