21 May 2010

Carnival of Souls


Here's the preview of JAZAN WILD'S CARNIVAL OF SOULS Motion Comic Book! This Groundbreaking Series led the way in this new frontier.
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The story begins with a boy and his mother on a simple trip to a carnival. It quickly turns and takes you spinning on a wild ride into the heart of the jungle! Fasten your seat belt and pull the safety bar down. It's a roller coaster ride from Hell! No matter how much you scream you can't get off! Once you hand in your ticket, you hand over the deed to your very soul. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen ... to Chapter 1 of Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls!

The creator of a graphic novel is suing NBC Universal for $50m (£40m) claiming the final series of Heroes ripped off his storyline.

Jazan Wild, real name Jason Barnes, says NBC used a carnival "virtually identical" to the ones depicted in his digital book series Carnival of Souls.

By doing so the network "knowingly, wilfully, recklessly and maliciously infringed" on his copyright, he claims.



Heroes & Carnival compared

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