30 May 2010

Irene Underground Arts Festival

The Irene Underground Arts Festival is a celebration of art and diversity, with a focus on non-conventional art forms and the cross pollination of ideas through collaboration between different artists and mediums.The festival will invite over 60 street artists from across Australia and around the world to create artworks within the Irene space, or to be exhibited at the space during the festival events. Spread over the festival weekend will be an exhibition opening, live painting/graffiti, stencil and paste up jams, an art market, workshops, talks as well as live music and video projections.

confirmed artists so far - Ha Ha (melb) , Junky projects (nsw) , Ben Howe (melb) , Presto (nsw) , KA'a (france) , Zombie arms (usa) , Moutard Zlodeykin (russia) , Drab Art (nz) , Will Coles (nsw) , Paul Kalemba (melb) , Radical Cross Stitch (melb) , Aeon (melb) , Urban Cake Lady (melb) , Seekayem (nz) , Georg (melb) , Dieter/Zakatak (melb)

IRENE community arts warehouse
5 pitt st brunswick 3086
Melbourne, Australia

11 - 13th June

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