20 May 2010

Poster Boy

Poster Boy is an anonymous New York City based street artist whose only utensil is a razor. He is known for satiric collage-like works created by cutting out sections of the self-adhesive advertisement posters in the platforms of New York City subway stations, and pasting them back in different positions. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Poster Boy also refers to a 'Poster Boy movement' where other people produce similar unsigned work in the New York City subways imitating this original artist.

Sometime around January 2009 Poster Boy's underground fame became such that there seemed to be several imitators, and his idea of having others "take up the Poster Boy model" seemed to be catching on. There even seems to be some confusion over whether the Poster Boy arrested on January 30, 2009, was the same Poster Boy who initiated the subway collages, or a "legal" above ground stand in. The New York Times reports a call from Poster Boy saying the man who was arrested "is one of the many individuals who believe in the Poster Boy 'movement'"[10] The AdBusters website notes that “Sources close to the artist maintain that there are, in fact, multiple 'Poster Boys' presently engaged in the project."[11]

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