23 April 2011

The Indoor Mural Project

Presented by 941 Geary Gallery and Montana Colors The Indoor Mural Project: A Living Survey of Street Art, is “a series of works by both local and international street artists. Since March 1st, 941 Geary has been playing host to a series of site-specific works by an impressive lineup of graffiti and street artists in the heart of San Francisco. The Indoor Mural Project is a living, multi-layered exhibition where street art enthusiasts are invited to observe the progression and transformation of a contemporary gallery space by some of the most exciting artists working today.”

Some of the participating artists include: HUSH, Hugh Leeman, Blek le Rat, Casey Gray, Eddie Colla, D Young V, Skinner, EINE, ROA, Brett Amory, APEX, Chor Boogie, Alex Eremian, Kofie One, Eric Otto, Skinner and more.

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