30 April 2011

Troll Bridge

A short teaser trailer for the Terry Pratchett Discworld short film Troll Bridge; introducing Cohen in the old days before the real story begins!

For more information, please visit: www.snowgumfilms.com/trollbridge




Troll Bridge is an epic short film based on a fable written by Terry Pratchett. Set in the phenomenally successful Discworld series, Troll Bridge is about the world’s last Barbarian hero (now at the age of 87) embarking on a suicide mission to battle a bridge troll in mortal combat.

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The teaser trailer that Daniel Knight and his team have created, has shown what they intend to achieve through their live action short film adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge. The trailer is beautifully shot and suggests the promise and potential of this mind blowing story … it could ultimately be a wonderful and dramatic take on this much loved tale."

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