04 April 2011

Street Art Call - Italy

A street art contest on postcard, open to whoever wants to join, seeking a strong participation on national and international basis, to carry on the initial project of communication//sharing of knowledge and contamination.

The participants are required to send at least one or more postcards of any colour and shape, leaving free interpretation to the artist, with a stamp and a message on each, to our address.

The intent is to communicate and share the various cultural differences that, in spite of their diversity, are the fruit of human culture altogether.
Art that moves by sharing each own's cultures. With a simple postcard, every artist can leave his/her own message, crossing the imaginary borders that divide us.

The postcards must be sent within and not beyond the 15th of june 2011.
The expo will start at the beginning of June, the exact date will be published soon. The staff taking care of the event extends its thanks and will be waiting for confirmation on the participation.

full details in English, Italian, Spanish and Polish are here

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