10 May 2006

gilbert & george - maastricht

Was Jesus heterosexual?
9 mei 2006 – 30 juli 2006

“Lustrous, ornate, pictorially complex, vividly coloured, yet suffused with tenebrous solemnity, the SONOFAGODPICTURES have all of the dramatic visual impact which one might expect to find in neo-Gothic medievalism – in Victorian reclamations of Celtic of Moorish symbolism, for example, regally bejewelled and portentous with romantic mysticism. At the same time, however, the SONOFAGOD PICTURES possess a darkly graven strangeness, at once archaic and ultra modern, in which their temper no less than their signage appears deeply contemporary, ritualistic and disturbed” Michael Bracewell

A fully illustrated catalogue, with an essay by Micheal Bracewell, has been published by White Cube to accompany the exhibition.
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  • Gilbert & George, Sonofagod Pictures, from 9 May to 30 July 2006, at the Bonnefanten museum (250 avenue Céramique, Maastricht).

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