31 May 2007

2007 Aerosol 0dyssey

reminder - opening 4pm 3rd June

May 31, 2007 to Jun 24, 2007

An exhibition about contemporary art on the streets.

On the 3th of June 2007, the Amsterdam Treehouse gallery will harvest, for a month, the current and next generation artists from the streets. In this month the Treehouse gallery will not only show the works of these artists but they will also reflect on the lifestyle of the artists and their subculture. This exhibition will show how the artists get inspired by everything that happens around them; music, fashion, politics, the streets, Amsterdam and the world.

A subculture consists of inspiration. A subculture is inspiration. Throughout the years subcultures have been at the very beginning of hypes. Bands in garages, skateboarders in empty pools, hip hoppers at block parties and graffiti artists on the subways. Examples of subcultures that undisputable caused great hypes.

At the moment graffiti and street art are also living their hype. But how did it come to this? What made it become a hype? How did it use to be? What is going on right now at this moment? Where will it all end? Questions that the twenty invited artists to 'an aerosol odyssey' will try to answer with this exhibition. Photographers, graffiti writers, fashion designers and street artists have therefore been invited to take part in this exhibition.

The exhibition is being curated by: Laser 3.14, Tique, Tiquestar, Recal en Mike Clark.

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