08 May 2007

de Waag

9 mei 2007: Literatuur in de nieuwe media

Jan Baeke en Alfred Marseille
Liesbeth Eugelink en Mirjan Reutelingsperger
Marcel Möring en Han Hoogerbrugge
Erik Lindner en Ruth Verraes

Reserveren: reserveren (@waag.org).
Locatie: Theatrum Anatomicum, de Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR AMsterdam
Zaal open: 19.45 uur
Start lezing: 20.00 uur

Sentient Creatures lectures

May brings a new series of Sentient Creatures lectures within the KillerTV-programme, organized by Waag Society and Graham Smith. Eight international speakers will show new developments in art and technology, internet and robotics. By using an advanced videoconferencing technology, some speakers will be virtually present on the Telepresence Chair. This form of communication is one of the innovative web applications that can make the human presence almost tangible.

The lectures can be followed through a live video stream on killertv.nl, participate through a chat and upload relevant material. This Spring four speakers are programmed, in the Autumn the other four will follow.
10.05.07: Simone Jones
23.05.07: NotNot (Driessens en Verstappen)
06.06.07: Jos de Mul
20.06.07: Jim Ruxton

See also Sentient Creatures page.

Reserveren: reserveren (@waag.org).
Location: Theatrum Anatomicum, de Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam.
Starts at 8 pm.


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