31 May 2007

Air Polluter

Air Polluter is an interactive smell installation which allows the visitor to decide in how far he or she contributes to pollution of the air. By means of a control panel at the start of the installation, visitors can activate good as well as bad smells. This subdivision into two so called Smell Fields is based on the socially accepted appreciation of the various smells.Visit also: www.airpolluter.info and www.brakkegrond.nl

Air Polluter is an interactive fragrance installation where the visitor himself can stipulate to what extent he or she to air clogging does. By means of a control panel one can activate good and bad fragrances at the beginning of the installation both. That sub-chapter in two so-called Smell Fields relies on the social appreciation of the different fragrances. Thus the clean Smell Field ` contain neat fragrances. To smell that experiences people generally as pleasant. To this end nature fragrance substances hear such as grass fragrance, fragrances, flower fragrances and ground fragrances, feeding fragrance substances (vlees-en fish fragrances to artificial taste substances and aromas, prepared of fruit fragrances and verse), parfums (among which also fragrance substances for wasproducten and human fragrance substances such as fresh sweat with feromonen (quiff substances). Sweat can in public then generally a negative connotation has, but generally becomes in the private life as agreeably or stimulating experiences when it concerns a family member or geliefde. The ` dirty fragrances from the Dirty Smell Field contain among others exhaust gases, rubber link fragrance, asphalt fragrance, polluted oil, fuels, osmogenen, fermentaties and excrements. At entering the tentoonstelling one gets an empty cap bottle of 50 cl. which can be filled with composed air at the terminus of the fragrance installation. There other visitors also the possibility has to smell to activate or at deactiveren, the visitor has only a restricted control concerning the eventual result.



ZATERDAG 09.06.07 T/M ZONDAG 15.07.07
OPENING VRIJDAG 08.06.07 17h00
DINSDAG T/M VRIJDAG 10h00 – 20h30
ZATERDAG 13h00 – 20h30
ZONDAG 13h00 – 17h00



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