15 August 2007

Cave Clan

Cave Clan is a group dedicated to urban exploration. We are much like traditional cave exploring groups in that we venture into places other people would not usually think of going, just to see what's there. Unlike traditional caving groups we don't limit ourselves to natural cavities. We will explore pretty much anything, natural or man-made. We are a pacifist organization in that we don't go and smash things underground. We have expanded remarkably since the 80s, we now have branches in most states of Australia and contacts in many countries around the world. Cave Clan has been the subject of many rumours throughout the years, such as being; a gothic band, a graffiti crew, ritualistic (having bizarre rituals and sacrifices in drains), residents of the drains who defend them to the death, a group who use drains as an escape after committing crimes, and so on. These rumours are always a source of amusement. Being a part of the Cave Clan is not a full time obsession, it's a part time hobby. Some people explore whenever possible while others explore just a few tunnels a year. It's up to the individual.


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