14 August 2007

Laser 3.14 @ Wolfandpack

Greetings to all,

Wolf and Pack is proud to announce the 6th, in a continuing series of artists featured in the Wolf and Pack Gallery, Laser 3.14.

We at wolf and pack have been following Laser's work, since we first arrived here in Amsterdam over three years ago. It started as appreciation and evolved in to a friendship. Were happy to announce his show at our gallery, the night of Sunday August the 19th 2007 starting at 5PM (17:00 for those that count to 24).

Laser 3.14 is a unique voice of New Amsterdam, prolific in his efforts to reach all people with his unique brand of street expression. Laser 3.14 blurs the boundaries between fine art, street art, new and old styles. Pushing the limits of what to expect from your local construction site wall, often thought provoking, never dull, his words have found themselves touring the entire city, they have landed at 232 Spui straat.

So take a moment and plan ahead to a night of art, drinks, people, music, future memories.

See you all there,







232 Spui Straat 1012VV
Amsterdam NL

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