23 August 2007


Opening Off Screen
Friday August 24

Special program for the opening of the exhibition OFF SCREEN. Free entrance


1700 – 1740 hour

Justin Bennett (UK, 1964)
24 hour recordings, 2003-2007
sound piece
Sundial is a series of works which analyze the daily rhythm of a particular city. Over 24 hours, Justin Bennett makes sound recordings in a single location. Then these recordings are edited together into a short (8 to 12 minute) piece that follows the rhythm of a day from midnight to midnight. The public can hear a realistic 3-dimensional representation of the soundscape, but compressed into a very short timescale. He has already produced versions in Barcelona (2003), Den Haag, Rome, Guangzhou, Paris (2005) and Vienna (2006) Each city, each location sounds completely different, but also the rhythm changes from place to place.

1745 – 1835 hour

Nathalie Bruys (NL, 1975) and Maria Barnas (NL, 1973)
Max A Max B, 2002/3
radio theater (and publication)
50 min'
About leading a double life (Amsterdam and Berlin) and what remains of Max when you enter the memories of people who have known him.

1845 – 1915 hour

Jacob Kirkegaard (DK, 1975)
Eldfjall, 2005
sound performance
30 min.
The live performance by Jacob Kirkegaard contains subtle volcanic vibrations in the earth around the area of Krisuvik, Geysir and Myvatn in Iceland. These very condensed and rhythmical trembling sounds from inside of the earth were captured using accelerometers (high-sensitive contact microphones). The accelerometers were placed below the surface of the earth at various places around the geysers. Here they picked up sonic characteristics of volcanic activity right below the surface of the earth.

More information about the exhibition:http://www.montevideo.nl/en/index_agenda.php?cat=e&id=222
Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
Keizersgracht 264

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