10 August 2007

Horse Bazaar

What is this thing Horse Bazaar?

Horse Bazaar is a Melbourne based organisation involved in the production and distribution of new media and visual arts. We offer a range of media, production and design services. We also run two fine bars, Horse Bazaar and North Bazaar, which incorporate innovative projection systems for the display of contemporary visual media. Developed by individuals committed to the support of Melbourne's emerging digital culture Horse Bazaar’s bars blend lounge and exhibition space to produce a unique environment for the display and enjoyment of the arts, be they digital, sonic, conversational or dance floor. These venues provide new media artists with an unprecedented opportunity to exhibit digital works outside of a formal gallery context. Above and beyond being digital artspaces, the Bazaars are warm friendly places within which to socialise, work (we offer free wireless) or to party on and indulge yourself with a fine cocktail and a late night boogie. The cultural programming, visual arts, live music, and eclectic range of DJing are guaranteed to serve up taste expanding treats for any cultural aficionado.

Horse Bazaar run a generous annual digital arts prize, the Horse Bazaar Prize, which is fast becoming a coveted trophy and welcome addition on the international digital art circuit. The 2006 Horse Bazaar Prize will be announced in late November. In 2006 Horse Bazaar are producing the inaugural Digital Fringe, an annual web based digital arts festival that runs in conjunction with the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Digital Fringe will screen in venues, 3G handsets and on a variety of public spaces and screens all over Melbourne.


*Jean Poole - Winner of the MONA Horse Bazaar Panoramic Digital Art Prize

Horse Bazaar and The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) (www.mona.net.au ) wish to congratulate the winner of this years prize for the production of panoramic video art. The independant judging panel voted unanimously to grant first prize to Jean Poole (aka Sean Healey)

*Jean Poole* received *$4000* for his winning entry *Animals really are funny people*. The artwork will screen in the Musem of Old and New Art when it opens in Tasmania in 2009.

VCA student *Kel Wells* won the student prize and received *$1000* for her entry *Shucker*

*Angela McNeice*, won the 'Mastermind Prize" chosen by Horse Bazaar, and received a *$500 drink card* for her brilliant piece *Touchtongues*

The Mona Horse Bazaar Prize for panoramic content is an open digital art prize for the production of screen-based content that best uses Horse Bazaar’s unique panoramic projection system. The screens are custom-built for the environment and extend for nearly 20 metres around the bar.

Top entries are currently screening on rotation at Horse Bazaar - 397 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Australia.

**For more information see http://www.horsebazaar.com.au/



Horse Bazaar - 397 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne
North Bazaar - 222 High St, Northcote

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