31 October 2007


13 okt. t/m 11 nov. 2007 Opening 12 okt 21;00U.

KULTIVATOR is a collective of artists and farmers. On the island Öland just off the south coast of Sweden, the three Lindmark sisters and their spouses and children cultivate organic food, and host a residency programme and an international artists practice. In their first major retrospective in W139, potatoes and linseed oil, paintings and sculptures, sheepskins and films will be on show and on sale. The children of KULTIVATOR will live in a village of polyester igloos in the rear space of W139 and offer to trade their toys, comics and computer games.

El Parche was invited to build an installation for the exhibition. The artists collective El Parche creates meeting places were they address political and cultural issues. Graphic designer Floor Wesseling, who designed the wonderful KULTIVATOR logo, will make a paste-up about the agrarian history of the Bijlmer.



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