19 October 2007

Concrete Canvas

Voom's Gallery HD, is taking it to the streets for an in-depth look at the visually stunning and often controversial world of street art in the new half-hour weekly series, Concrete Canvas, premiering Monday, October 22 at 8 pm ET and PT/7C.

This series follows pavement artist Julian Beever to ten cities in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

The series also explores the works of each city's most famous -- and in some cases, infamous -- street artists, including London's D*Face, Amsterdam's Laser 3.14 and Faith71, New York's Swoon, and Paris' Blek le Rat, the "Godfather of Stencil Art."

Following are descriptions of the 10 episodes that will air on Gallery HD beginning October 22. One of the 15 VOOM HD Networks, Gallery HD is available nationally on the DISH Network satellite service (Channel 9472) and Cablevision's iO digital cable service (Channel 714).

click link for more info: http://www.artdaily.com/section/news/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=22031

Episode 6: Amsterdam
Premieres November 26 at 8 pm ET and PT/7C
Beever’s 3D work in Holland’s most picturesque port-of-call brings to life the city’s most famous icons – tulips, canals, bridges and of course, its Dutch master painters.

This episode also presents noted street artist Laser 3.14 and his “Aerosol Symphonies” exhibition, where the works of 14 street artists are married with music, as well as Faith 71, whose spray can pieces graduated from the streets to the galleries.


There's a preview video clip here.



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blakkbyrd said...

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miranda said...

hi.. do you know where i can get or watch the part 9 of the serie concrete canvas.