17 October 2007

montevideo VIDEO VORTEX

October 20 - December 2
Opening: Friday, October 19, 5:00 p.m.

Artists: Beatrice Valentine Amrhein, Giselle Beiguelman, Susan Collins, Jonathan Harris & Sepandar Kamvar, Graham Harwood, Mediashed / Mongrel, MW2MW (Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg), Sonic()bject

The exhibition VIDEO VORTEX is the Netherlands Media Art Institute's response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Web2.0 stands for power to the user and democracy for everyone. It has led to innovative forms of media use in which an open and playful collaboration can lead to critical positions and new ideas. More info: http://www.montevideo.nl/en/index_agenda.php?cat=e&id=224

During the opening, Friday October 19, Adam Hyde will present his FLOSS Manuals. http://nl.flossmanuals.net/

Saturday 20 October
Presentations by artists that show work in the exhibition VIDEO VORTEX will tell about the background and ideas of their work.
Artist Grahame Weinbren will give an introduction: http://www.grahameweinbren.net

Participating artists: Susan Collin: http://www.susan-collins.net
Giselle Beiguelman: http://www.desvirtual.com
Rory Solomon: http://rorysolomon.com & http://noplace.mw2mw.com
Start: 13.30 h.
Entrance: 4,- (students 2,50)
Reservations: 020 6237101 info@montevideo.nl

Exhibition open: Tuesday through Saturday and the first Sunday of the month from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Admission: 3,00 euro (with discount 2,00 euro) Video Vortex is a collaboration of the Institute of Network Cultures with Argos Brussels and the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.

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