19 October 2007

Robin Rhode & Severn

Robin Rhode
The Storyteller, 2006
16 mm transferred to video

The work comprises three main elements, the drawn tree, the leaf litter and the interaction of the human form.

Its currently on exhibition in Munich


Josephine Severn
"Mother - Self" 1997
an installation comprising seven works exhibited as part of the 1997 Gosford Fringe Festival. http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/install/mother/mother.htm

The work comprises several elements, the drawn tree, the leaf litter, the human interaction and the hand made components.

ome of the components had been previously installed in the forest.

In the Severn work the human interaction is active and dymanic, the viewer personally explores the installation space.

In the Rhode work the performer's interaction with the installation is dynamic, but the viewer is removed to a passive, static role. The action in the work has been transferred from the viewer to the recording medium, the video.

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