24 February 2009

Peer Gallery - Glebe

It is common for the written word to lack personality. Characters of the English alphabet are all formed around a skeletal structure that governs the basis of every font created, making them essentially the same. Over time, their simplicity has out ruled unnecessary detail due to their need for direct functionality. This often makes it difficult to interpret the personality behind words at the best of times.

Contemporary society uses fonts everywhere, every day and so it seems the craft and beauty behind what was originally a hailed art form has now been lost and somewhat taken for granted.

GO FONT UR SELF* is an exhibition exploring type based artworks that reinvent the uniqueness of our alphabet.


This exhibition is the grand debut of the long awaited Peer Gallery. Peer Group has been bridging the gap between the cool and the keen since 2001. For the first time, Peer Group will be opening their doors to the art world to showcase typography in the first of its GO FONT UR SELF* exhibitions.

6.30 Wed 25th February 2009

153 Bridge Rd
Glebe 2037
Sydney NSW
P +61 2 9552 6333
E hannah@peergroupmedia.com


6.30 Wed 4th March 2009
Dont Come Gallery, 314 Collins St

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