07 March 2008

Laser 3.14 & Jimmy Rage

"Hunger & Work in a Savage Tribe"

Laser 3.14 & Jimmy Rage

April 4th till April 27 2008 in ABC Treehouse Gallery

Opening Sunday April 6th: 16:00 -- 18:00




From April 4 till April 27 2008, curators Blaton & Rypson in conjunction with ABC Treehouse Gallery will organize the two man-exhibition "Hunger & Work in a Savage Tribe" of guerrilla-poet Laser 3.14 and multimedium-artist Jimmy Rage.

"Hunger & Work in a Savage Tribe"

Laser 3.14 & Jimmy Rage

Laser & Rage are artists that deal explicitly and directly with subverting pervasive messages, real and unreal, seen and unseen, in everyday living. One only has to see these obscure mantras scrawled on our walls, left right and centre. It is everywhere and nowhere.

Imagine the forgotten corners, alleyways and dark streets dragged into one space.
This is the starting point and theme of "Hunger and Work in a Savage Tribe" by Laser 3.14 and Jimmy Rage.

While Laser 3.14 bombs public spaces, often time the street, with his poetically charged messages, that go from cryptic to funny and ironic; Jimmy Rage creates multi-layered, multi-collaged works of art that can be dark and brooding, drawn or written, found objects and readymades. In short: both artists, Laser and Rage create new poetry out of the debris of our media-driven consumer environment. As Jimmy Rage says; "Listen, hunger and work in a savage tribe, is man, woman, food and sex. Movement of day to night… the growth of the industrial rubble… Jungian parables… essentially… city as jungle".

From April 4 to April 27 the ABC Treehouse Gallery will be transformed with paintings, drawings, objects and implements for fishing by Laser 3.14 & Jimmy Rage.

For more information about Laser 3.14 and Jimmy Rage and press-photos: www.laser314.com/laserage/pageindeks.html

Laser 3.14 & Jimmy Rage
"Hunger & Work in a Savage Tribe"

April 4 till April 27 2008 at ABC Treehouse Gallery
Vernisage Sunday April 6: 16:00 – 18:00

ABC Treehouse Gallery,
Voetboogstraat 11,
1012 XK Amsterdam
tel: +31 (0)20-423 09 67
Open Thursday till Sunday, 13-18 pm.





Fan Video

Laser 3.14 (Conscious Graffiti from Amsterdam) hiphop


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