27 March 2008

Unwired - Go Gallery

GO Gallery invites you for the opening show of the exhibition UNWIRED,
on Saturday March 29th, from 17.00 until 20.00 hrs.

The exhibition UNWIRED will be on display until the 12 of May 2008.

SIT (Amsterdam, 1976)
Years ago, Sit, formerly know as Freakin Sitnie, made headlines in the Amsterdam Street-Art scene with his distinct style, sharp lines and obstinate artworks. Inspired by Comic illustrators such as Simon Bisley, Sam Keith, Todd Mcfarlane and Jamie Hewlett, he perfected his own style. He was very successful in a very short time. One could admire his works everywhere, at events, in clubs, from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.
But he soon realised that this was temporary and a one-way street. Sit wanted more. The Mac had taken over his canvas and the inspiration was limited to what appeared on his screen. That’s when he drew the line. Dissatisfied with our digitally manipulated and superficial society, he went back to the basics.

Sit had to detoxify from bits and bytes, media, hypes, lovers, haters and colours to find the true essence of creativity again. No more digital drama, no more BS.

UNWIRED is the documented process of his everyday struggle to get unwired. The progress from feeling lost to finding purity. It not only took him a full year to transfer his new found creativity in images, but also to master all sorts of new techniques and a skills. Now he feels he finally has enough work to exhibit, which is a true representation of the new ´Sit´. All is documented in black and white. So, absorb his scratches, sketches, strokes and scrapings. Step into Sit’s world and experience that we are all sick bastards who all wear straitjackets.
So, there you are…finally, UNWIRED!!!

Also on Saturday March 29th, openings of new exhibitions at galleries from the Jordaankwartier (Jordan Art Quarter) :
Galerie George Cent, Galerie KochxBos and Galerie Buuf

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