12 February 2009

Art for the Public - Grant

Grants of up to $5000
Recreate our urban landscape!

We are seeking to fund visual artists who are undertaking projects delivering free art outdoors or in prominent indoor public spaces. Our intention is for these art pieces to become a form of social commentary, communication, and inspiration, between the artist and the general public. The art must be made available at no cost to the observer and be displayed with consent from the management of the required public space.

Apply Here

Projects supported could include, but are not limited to:
• Artistic responses to social justice issues
• Issues of significance to the community
• Murals
• Exhibitions
• Sculpture
• Graffiti pieces
• Stencil work
• Photography
• Multimedia
• Print
• Paint


Please note: You will need to upload a completed version of this form during the submission process.


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