23 February 2009

On at Urban Uprising

“hunks, spunks & b*boys” art by trademark

Special preview and launch party - Wednesday 18th February 2009 Public Viewing - Thurs 19th Feb – until Sat 7th March 2009

This February, as part of the official Mardi Gras Arts Festival, Urban Uprising gallery diverts from its usual path and takes a walk on the wild side to host a solo show from internationally renowned UK artist Trademark. This, his first Australian exhibition and a slight deviation from the gallery’s normal “urban” art to a more “pop art” slant, and the gallery will be filled with some of the sexiest male images and art in town.


The SOS Collection
Previews on Wednesday the 18th of March 6.30pm – 9.00pm

For the first time in Australia a copy of every print to come out of the legendary Souled Out Studios will be displayed and on sale in a unique and comprehensive collection of all of their artist’s iconic works.
This SOS retrospective will combine some of these hugely collectible works with the latest and greatest prints and canvasses from their stable of artists. Canvases and highly collectible prints including rare items such as printers proofs and artist proofs and previously sold out editions by Beejoir, MauMau, Mantis, Cyclops, K-guy, AMP, Galo, and BON will be all be available, including works such as Beejoir’s infamous “LV Child”, “Little Red Riding Hoodie” by Mau Mau, “Walrus Boy” by AMP and “Shell Oil for Blood” by Beejoir, which is printed on original Iraqi dinar notes featuring the face of Saddam Hussein.
Created in 2004 (by a revolutionary, politically active vegetarian anti-capitalist American and a true steak eating politically blind capitalist English pig who were brought together by their love of graffiti, art and printing), Souled Out Studios have become a second home for a growing band of some of the most inspiring and exciting urban artists on the planet.
Works from the Souled Out Studio’s collective can be found in galleries and on walls around the world, and often feature commentary on world events, history, philosophy and politics, meshing social and environmental commentary with a tongue in cheek twist.
Urban Uprising are privileged to host this unique and exciting collection, which offers a unique opportunity to see all these fantastic works together in the “flesh” and a rare opportunity to secure one of these collectible “must have” prints.


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