12 February 2009

Lil' Shy - WolfandPack Amsterdam

Happy February to all of the pack,

The new month brings another show at the Wolf And Pack gallery. As you might have heard, the worlds economy's are falling apart, so in a effort to save ya a few bucks Lil Shy is going to get ya "High On Life".

All the way from the cabarets of Paris, to the rainy streets of Amsterdam, Lil' Shy (lilshy.net) is here for you with some of her own take on life distilled in to art form. A collection of mixed media with that Lil' dash of color perfect to chase those mid winter blues away.

The show opens this Friday February, the 13th from 6PM (18:00 for yall who count to 24). There will be music, booze, art, people, as well as future memory's to share with your kids. Come spy some good art and meet someone you will want to hate, love, ignore, talk about for years to come, its all here, its all possible.

See ya on the day,

232 Spui Straat 1012VV
Amsterdam NL
Telephone Machines~
Store- 020-427-0786

Waving to you from Sydney ..... Blakkbyrd

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