23 February 2009

Stencil Art Exhibition

The “Your Kid Can’t Do This” Stencil Art Exhibition kicks off in Canberra from 6 February and will continue through to 14 Februrary. The exhibition will feature over 20 of the worlds finest stencil artists from Australia and abroad, including: Haha; A1one; Lucamaleonte; and Papermonster.

If you're not in the Nations Capital just have a Coke and a smile, cos the exhibition is touring nationally and will move to Melbourne (16-26 April) and then on to Sydney (20-27 June). To find out more of the who, what, where and when go to:


Canberra 6th—14th February 2009 The Legislative Assembly

Melbourne 16th—26th April 2009 Famous When Dead Gallery opening night — Friday 17th April

Sydney 20th—27th June 2009 North Bondi Sandpit select showing of works

(not THIS Byrd ...)

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