28 September 2007

Come Out & Play

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of September, the Come Out & Play Festival will turn Amsterdam into a playground.

Registration will start on September 13th.

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Hundreds of players will gather to play different games across the city. The festival gives players and the public the chance to take part in a variety of different urban games. These new-style games turn the city into a playground. We’ll play at all sorts of locations around Amsterdam during PICNIC'07. PacManhattan and Zombie Tag were huge hits in New York last year (see www.comeoutandplay.org/blog/games). The games we’ll play in Amsterdam will be just as large-scale and fun.

Come rediscover the city around you through play. Why a urban games festival, you ask? Fair question. Well, we like innovative use of public space. We like games which make people interact in new ways. We like games that alter your perception of your surroundings. But most importantly, urban games are a great way to have city-size fun.

Come Out & Play will take place September 28-29. Games will occur throughout the day in locations around the Westergasfabriek, Westerpark and the city centre. The Headquarters are at the Westergasfabriek.

Click here for the games overview.


Friday at HQ Mirror Tent

13:00 Opening - Game Introductions
14:00 CounterSquirt, Censorh**
15:00 CollecTic, Navball, Human Snake
16:00 Can You See Me Now?
17:00 Presentations - Q&A with game designers
18:00 Lumenatio
19:00 Safari
21:00 3001 and Drinks in the Tent HQ

Saturday at HQ Mirror Tent

13:00 Presentations
14:00 CollecTic, Bocce Drift, Snap Shot City
15:00 OMMRPG, FUSE INVASION, Surprise games, open sessions
16:00 Can You See Me Now?, Surprise games, open sessions
17:00 Presentations - Q&A with game designers
18:00 OMMRPG
19:00 Snap Shot City Afterparty till 21.00
20:00 de Pong
21:00 COME OUT & PARTY @ PUBLIC LIGHTNING with de Pong3001 inside
22:00 OMMRPG
23:00 Human Snake
00:01 End of Festival
outside and

Saturday at WAAG SOCIETY, our city Base at Nieuwmarkt

14:00 Manila
15:00 Navball, The Target
16:00 People-Watching
17:30 The Target 2nd Game

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