13 September 2007

PICNIC - Amsterdam

PICNIC is Amsterdam’s newly established annual event focused on creativity in cross media content and technology, specifically in the fields of entertainment and communication.

This year PICNIC’07 will take place between 22nd-29th September, and will include a week of seminars, conferences, shows, and meeting as well as a series of smaller high level networking gatherings throughout the year, all held in Amsterdam. PICNIC will cover developments in the intersecting fields of media, technology, entertainment, art, science and the creative process.

The conference focuses on bringing together inspiring, creative and innovative individuals. The PICNIC audience includes creatives, artists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, lawyers, format developers, agencies, cross media content production creatives, advertisers, programmers, investor, writers, filmmakers, journalists, and technology-and service-providers from around the world.

The first event - PICNIC’06 - took place in September 2006, and brought more than 5.000 people to Amsterdam. It also included a conference, specialty workshops and events organized by cultural institutions, industry associations, government and business, as well as the PICNIC at Night public program for Amsterdam residents.

An inspiring and innovative week to which we gladly make a contribution.

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