13 September 2007

Oxfamnovib auction

Live street art, music & BMX
from Friday 27 July 12:00 hrs
till Sunday 29 July 18:00 hrs

It’s summer and because no one wants to be cooped up inside for too long during this time of year, The Streetlab Festival also hosts a great number of outdoor activities and exhibitions, including live street art sessions at Westerpark by national and international artists.

THE RENDEZ-VOUS and ME BIKE two creative organizations were asked to develop a show that represents a strong overview of contemporary artists from all over the world. As a result the concept for the show NO SWEAT was developed.
“No Sweat”, is a duel based concept: first it touches upon the prevalent use of child labor and sweatshops by the mostly large fashion houses. And secondly it means “no problem”, or “its all good”.

An installation of wood-paneled sea containers serves as a canvas for these artists. Following the Streetlab event, the work will be presented in a gallery-like setting and will be auctioned off. The revenue from the sales will go, in support of Oxfamnovib, towards a global human rights organization. The project they support will be against child labour within the fashion industry.

During the three days of the Festival there will be painting, video art and graphic design to be marveled at. Further more, many dj’s will play some easy going sounds throughout the three festival days.

Rendez-Vous artists: B-Free, Lon Hendriks, Lucky Dubz, Mark Verhagen, Morcky, Out of order, RMND, Sitnie, Boxie, Danny Merk (KGB), Delicious Ink, Fons Schiedon, ViaVia, Zender, Why Style, Pane, Wayne Horse, Fake (FR), Flying Fortress (GER), Klub 7 (GER), Kwiatek (Poland), Lemonade, Lordh (IT), Mesto (Poland), Pash (CZ), Sam3 (SP), Zedz, London Police, Chu (ARG), Point (CZ), Rinzen (GER), Sauerkids, Chaos, Mrufig (Poland), Sonik (USA) and Veenom (FR).

Audio: Cinnaman LIVE, Tom Trago LIVE, Mr Speak, Leroy Rey, Phill Horneman, All out K, San Proper, Zender, DJ Shablo (IT), DJ Clyde, Willie Wartaal, Waxwell Records, Missing Links and Rubywax.

Me Bike artists: 180 Amsterdam, Abner Preis (USA), Akita Mata (USA), Barrio Mix, Chido Johnson (USA), CHiel van Zeist, Clauda Tattoo (CH), Conor Cronin (IR), Eric Staller (USA), Hanazuki, Laser 3.14, Lordh (I), Maoma (I), Mennow, Mieke Driessen, Mirabai Lacazette de Mochy, Monsters World (GER), Morcky (I), Moze (ES), No New Enemies (B), Ottograph, Peskimo (UK), Pipslab: Kees, Samidi, Slacker, Slug Nation (UK), Soulcycle, The Belgium Bar, The Boghe (I), The London Police (UK), Tina Vila (HR), Wayne Horse (GER), Whystyle (I) and Zedz.


So what was the result of the auction?

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