22 September 2007

Second Life, Banff Residency Updates

Australia's First Second Life Artists Residency Recipients Announced

The Australia Council for the Arts announced the recipients of its
$20,000 artist residency in Second Life on 5 September 2007.

Artists Christopher Dodds, Adam Nash and Justin Clemens will
collaborate to develop an inter-disciplinary artwork in Second Life,
which explores the possibilities of literary, music/sound art and
real-time 3-D arts practices within this synthetic world.

The artwork will be a simultaneous installation in Second Life and in
a real world gallery, where gallery visitors can be directly involved
in its creation via a computer interface.

Banff Centre for the Arts Residency

The Inter-Arts Office would like to correct an earlier news alert
linking the 2008 Banff Centre for the Arts residency to the 2007
Walking and Art Banff thematic.

The Banff thematic for 2008 is yet to be finalised. The Inter-Arts
Office, however, will support one artist to participate in the Visual
Arts and Media Residency Program at the Banff Centre, with applicants
addressing the selection criteria and articulating the benefit of the
residency to their arts practice and professional development.

Applicants are also required to submit a short project proposal,
taking into account the facilities and resources available at Banff.
Please note, short listed applicants will be required to submit a
secondary project proposal, addressing the forthcoming 2008 Banff

Invitation to nominate for Australia Council Register of Peers

The Inter-Arts Office invites you to nominate for our Peer Register
(if you haven't already). This register is used by staff when we are
selecting participating advisers for Inter-Arts Assessment Panel
meetings. We also use it when selecting participants for other
meetings to discuss policy issues or other matters affecting the
field. For further information please see the Peer Register

page on our website.

If you are not on the Peer Register we encourage you to consider
nominating. You can now register your interest at Online Peers

Inter-Arts is keen to have as wide a pool of peers as possible to
draw from when we are putting together assessment panels. Joining the
peer register yourself or encouraging other artists or individuals to
join will help us ensure we have broad representation of arts
expertise on our panels.

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