21 September 2007


I would like to reintroduce you all to someone,

He is the definition of a modern renaissance man. A living Elvis without the dance talent or nice sunglasses. A legend of Amsterdam's Skate Boarding, Tattoo, clothing, scenes, a all around styling dude.

He is the one and only SLACKER, and Wolf and Pack is proud to welcome him to our gallery with his show "Dead Men Singing", a collection of images of dead musical hero's of yesterday, who still sing to us over the radio today despite being long dead. Such talents as, Frank Sinatra, Joey Ramone, Hendrix, Chet Baker. A graveyard for the living.

It's all popping off this Sat the 22nd of September from 6PM onwards, in to the insanity of the night. Come on down and be a part of the action and dont end up on the radio.

Best and most to you all,

See you then,


232 Spui Straat 1012VV

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