16 November 2007


"Mockumentary is the term used to define a film genre which emerged a few years ago, and in which fiction films are styled as documentaries. It is the perfect way to give the audience the wrong idea about the truthfulness of the story, and at the same time to call the strict dividing line between fiction and documentary into question. 'Videohacking' is a mini-mockumentary in which a video hacker donning a balaclava tells us what he does and why. For those who have no more than a faint idea about the wondrous world of hackers, nerds and antiglobalists, the existence of such a character is plausible. He rents classic films from ordinary video shops, and sets out to adjust and improve these illegally on the computer, with a preference for scenes that he liked already. Then he returns the modified tapes, hoping that those who rent 'his' films after him will unknowingly be the better for it. It is not a question of ethics, he tells us, but what he is opposed to is copyright claims. "

Manuel Saiz 1999

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In May 2007 I posted about the culture hacking by Sektie 2005 and Banksy 2006.

1999 video by Saiz presents a fictitious hacker as a possibility, the actual hacks utilize fake record covers {sektie} and a recut CD {banksy}.




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fake records, eindhoven 2005

In August 2006 42 stores in the UK were restocked by Banksy with 500 reworked versions of Paris Hilton's debut CD.

Banksy Paris & Sektie

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