27 November 2007

Os Gemeos: Museum Het Domein

Os Gemeos:
The flowers in this garden were planted by my grandparents
17 November 2007 - 06 January
Opening Friday 16 November
2007, 17.00h

Solo exhibition, contemporary art
Installations, paintings, murals

Museum Het Domein
Postbus 230
6130 AE Sittard
The Netherlands
T 046 4513460


The flowers in this garden were planted by my grandparents is the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands of Brazilian twin brothers Os Gemeos. 'The Twins' Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo (1974, São Paulo), as their name translates from the Portuguese, are renowned for their colourful and imaginative figurative work on wall sculptures and in installations.

In the seclusion of a space, their work reveals a private microcosm. On the street, only fragments of a fascinating imaginative world are visible; in an exhibition context, a three-dimensional installation develops where surrealist landscapes rub shoulders with urban and contemporary archetypes. The characteristic almond-eyed figures seem to have stepped off the walls of a city to meet and narrate the tale of city dwellers in the thrall of the dynamism of the metropolis. Inside, within the space-filling installation, viewers can peer through the walls at an inner world where reality and fantasy merge in a narrative of colour.

Os Gemeos developed their unmistakable style, a fusion of countless influences, through their work as graffiti artists. Brazilian myths, personal family and friend history and people they meet are all vital sources of inspiration. But political themes and dreams also feature in their work. The brothers list the Russian clown Slava and other artists like for example Roger Waters, Royal Delux, Siba e a Fuloresta, Arthur Bispo do Rosario, as inspirations, alongside Brazilian folk art.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition is the first to document the murals produced by Os Gemeos over the last few years. The texts are by Renato da Silva, a writer from Sao Paulo, and Siba Veloso of the Brazilian music group Siba e a Fuloresta, for which Os Gemeos designed the CD cover and stage decor. You can order the catalogue by contacting our website.

In 2005 Deitch Projects in New York presented an exhibition by Os Gemeos. In the same year, Stijn Huijts invited the twins to create a temporary mural in the context of Weird Walls during Cultura Nova in Heerlen. In early 2007 a temporary work was also exhibited in Tilburg during Public Image -- Painting the City. In Sao Paolo, they signed to gallery Fortes Vilaça as recently as 2007. In the meantime, Os Gemeos are making furore in the art world and have exhibited widely in various galleries and museums. They also have an impressive list of commissioned murals under their belt.

Afbeelding / image: outside image 2007
At the same time Museum Het Domein proudly presents GuestRoom # 7 MaMaM: Museu de Arte Moderna Aloísio Magalhaes Recife, Brazilië.

More information and image can be found in the press room on the museum's home page at http://www.hetdomein.nl Or contact us: Karin Adams or Lene ter Haar 046 -451 34 60; karin.adams@hetdomein.nl

The museum is closed December 25 and January 1.

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