20 November 2007

Second Life exhibition

You are officially invited to the Delve Deep Exhibition held in Second Life.

CDU lecturer in multimedia and graphic design, Ms Judith Trezise presents Delve Deep, an online exhibition showcasing digital art from 14-21 November. This is the first ever exhibition to be held solely online and in the virtual world of Second Life. {sic}

Included on the opening night is LIVE music being streamed in Second Life by local artists such as:

• Adrian Walter, Dean of Law, Business & Arts - Adrian is a classical guitarist with an international reputation, you are guaranteed to enjoy.

• NEO – High energy performance based band that pumps out an amazing potent mixture of funk, rock and pop.

• Pott Street - Unique Hip Hop to dance the night away. • DJ Jaxon - A local DJ will entertain you with a new MIX!

So you now have the opportunity to be part and experience a Real LIVE concert in a 3D World.

The exhibition entices people to ‘delve deep’ into their current existence and open their mind to the world of digital art and 3D spaces. The exhibition includes work created by Judith over the past 12 weeks as well as other artists from round the world.
The grand opening is next Wednesday the 14th November at 6.30pm.

It is advised that you join Second Life a few days before. For further instructions on Second Life and Delve Deep please go to: www.zise.com.au/delvedeep/ Hope to see you there!

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